Prop HHH Developments Summary

Proposition HHH Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Loan Program - 

PSH Projects Summary (as of 1-11-18) 

Total Prop HHH Projects in Predevelopment 7
Total Prop HHH Loans Closed 2
Total Units 615
Total Permanent Supportive Housing Units 416
Total Prop HHH Funds Requested $73,157,162
Total HCIDLA Assistance Requested $83,759,054
Total Development Cost $264,853,556
Amount Leveraged* $181,094,502

*Every $1 of HCIDLA funds allowed $2.16 to be generated from non-city sources.

View the Prop HHH Developments Financial Report for a detailed spreadsheet on the developments.  This spreadsheet is updated periodically by the Prop HHH Unit within HCIDLA, and shows details such as PSH and non-PSH units, total development cost (TDC), and more. Individual Project Summary Reports (Staff Reports) in addition to the locations of all approved Prop HHH Development can be viewed on our Supportive Housing Developments page.


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