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E.g., 12/15/2017
E.g., 12/15/2017
Given the short 2017 HHH NoFA application window, HCIDLA is providing a template of the "Council Office Letter of Acknowledgement." 
El Ayuntamiento de Los Ángeles aprobó una enmienda al RSO para requerir el aviso a inquilinos antes de la ejecución de un acuerdo de "pago para llaves.” El Programa de Notificación de Compra de...
The Los Angeles City Council approved an amendment to the RSO to require notice to tenants prior to executing a “cash for keys” agreement. The Tenant Buyout Notification Program (LAMC 151.31)...
THP, Seismic, THP Seismic, Primary Renovation Work, Major repair, Tenant Habitability Plan
The Declaration of Intent to Evict for Landlord Occupancy is a form landlords must fill out if evicting a tenant for this purpose. Payment of relocation assistance will be necessary as well, so...